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About Sensei

7th dan Aikikai: As the first member of Kobayashi Dojo, started aikido at 3. When in a college, visited the Solomon islands, Papua New Guinea, and Iwo Jima as a volunteer member of Japan Youth Memorial Association (a student organization that intend to collect remains of Japanese war veterans). After graduating from school, stayed in Indonesia for 2 and half years to teach aikido as a JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers) aikido instructor, then stayed in Poland for half a year to teach as a JOCV aikido instructor. As Dojocho (president) of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, governing instructors section of Kobayashi Dojo. Fluent in Chinese, Indonesian, and English. Staying outside of Japan, in total, a few months a year for aikido instruction.

Graduated from Takushoku University, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Chinese Language. Graduated form Kyorin University, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies.

  • Place:
      20/10: School Gym at Korinthou & Cheironos 1. Near train station. View on Map
      21 & 22/10: Olympic Athletic Center of Athens. Martial Way Hall View on Map
  • Training schedule:
      20/10 Friday:
      • 19.30-21.30
      21/10 Saturday:
      • 11.00-13.00
      • 16.00-18.00
      22/10 Sunday:
      • 10.30-12.30
      • 12.30 Embukai
      • 15.00-17.00
  • Embukai:
      22/10: Dojos that are interested in participating in the embukai should send an email at with the title "EMBUKAI"
  • Party:
      21/10: The party will start at 20.30. If you are interested in joining the party send an email at With the title "Party"
  • Accommodation:
      Available Dojos
      Monastiraki dojo:
      Mushindokan dojo:
      We can also provide suggestions on hotels and AirBnB.
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